Ljubav x Adidas

In arguably one of the brand’s biggest campaigns thus far, Ljubav and Adidas celebrated the beginning of their partnership by releasing a special edition of the iconic Adidas NMD V3. The release sports various “Ljubav”-brandings on select parts of the shoe as well as a unique, gras-themed design on both the insole and the box. In order to give back to the community, Ljubav and Adidas decided to give away a very limited number of pairs at two of the most relevant events related to streetwear and urban culture: German Hip-Hop festival “Splash!” in Ferropolis and Adidas’s very own “Adidas Confirmed” event in Berlin.  Apart from that, only members of Ljubav’s friends and family circle were blessed with pairs in their respective sizes shortly after said events. While many might have missed out on the first Ljubav X Adidas release, one should definitely keep an eye on this unique collaboration as we expect further, more accessible releases to be announced within the near future.