About Ljubav

LJUBAV - regional is the new international

LJUBAV means love and connection. Love for fashion, craftsmanship, art - but most importantly: love for our environment and our surroundings. 

As a brand, LJUBAV goes one step further and tries to be an antithesis to the globalized world. LJUBAV relies on its love for the region. Because nothing defines humans more than their surroundings.

LJUBAV is not a lifestyle, it's a way of life. It’s not just your every-day streetwear brand, but a hub for products and innovations of all kinds: Germany has a lot to offer -especially when it comes to art and culture. And LJUBAV tries to build on these qualities by setting new impulses and breaking expectations.

LJUBAV is the return to love and passion for the local area. Bring the big picture to the small town. Not for an elite group, but for all. Inclusive and sustainable. Progressive and visionary. With an awareness for the environment and the future.